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Drug use has become common in the US in the past few decades, with the average age of a typical addict falling significantly. According to statistics, at least 50% of children 12 years and above have used illicit drugs at least once, and nearly 1 million have died from overdose since 2000. Each state is responding to this problem, and Colorado drug rehabs have a significant role in helping addicts turn their lives around.

Colorado often gets overlooked due to the staggering numbers in some other states, but it is not far behind. A 2019 study gave the state the 9th rank for highest cases of drug use, making it evident that people need help finding rehabs in Colorado.

This article will present some relevant statistics explaining the problem’s extent and provide details about rehabs that facilitate addicts.

Some Key Statistics about Addiction in Colorado

The data for the past decade shows a significant increase in drug and alcohol use in the past decade. Below are some statistics about drug and alcohol use that reflect the reality of the situation:

  • Cocaine use nearly doubled (6.53% – 12.24%) for 18-25-year-olds from 2012 to 2017.
  • Only 4,000 out of 32,000 people with reported drug abuse or dependence received help between 2011 and 2016.
  • Over 95,000 Coloradans did not receive the necessary help to address their dependencies in 2019.
  • Nearly 20% of adults in Colorado admitted to excessive drinking in 2020, higher than the national average.
  • Alcohol deaths jumped by 30% in Colorado in 2020.

These statistics show that people need help but aren’t receiving it. Part of the problem lies in admitting dependency or addiction, but there is also a lack of awareness about support institutions. Read the details below to know about the suitable facilities to help you battle dependency.

Types of Addiction Rehab Services in Colorado

The first step is knowing about the types of rehab services available. Following are the primary addictions for which you can find rehab facilities in several cities across Colorado:

  1. Alcohol Addiction
  2. Illicit Drug Abuse and Addiction
  3. Marijuana
  4. Prescription Pill Addiction

There are also rehab services for detox, mental health, and physical health, but those are different categories of services.

Colorado Drug Rehabs Guide

Colorado has become home to impressive drug addiction treatment centers. They range in prices depending on the quality of the setup and types of services, with several receiving positive feedback from their former patients.

The Raleigh House

The Raleigh House, located in Arvada, is a good option in the state. This treatment center supports two primary categories of conditions:

  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  2. Mental Health Disorders

It is a ranch-based setup with a well-maintained and comfortable vibe. The bedrooms are cozy and accommodating, with shared living (2 people) and ensuite washrooms. It also has spacious common areas for people to interact with and dine together and a well-equipped kitchen.

Harmony Foundation

Harmony Foundation is another commendable treatment center that has excellent reviews. It is strategically located in the scenic Larimer County, and the management takes advantage of the views to help patients.

This treatment center is very comprehensive in its approach since it focuses primarily on addiction support. Their interiors are warm, cozy, and welcoming, and their recovery programs include group treks through nature to encourage patients to shift their focus away from withdrawal.

Overall, Harmony Foundation has excellent reviews and strives to maintain service quality.


To Note

The above are two fantastic options, but they aren’t the only reputable rehabs in the state. A key detail you must remember is that not all may accept your insurance. Following are the categories you will encounter for payment:

  1. Self-funded rehabs
  2. Colorado drug rehabs that accept Medicare/Medicaid
  3. Treatment facilities that accept private health insurance
  4. Free rehab facilities
  5. Rehabs offering payment assistance
  6. Addiction treatment centers accepting military insurance

Some rehabs offer multiple options, while others only accept specific insurance types. It is always best to know which category your preferred rehab falls under.

Addiction Rehabs in Denver

Denver is the capital of Colorado and is famous for its historical significance, incredible weather, and friendly community. However, the city struggles with keeping its people away from drug and alcohol abuse. Thankfully, several addiction treatment centers have opened up to solve this problem.

Sandstone Care

Sandstone care is one of the top rehabs in the city and accommodates adults and teenagers alike. This treatment facility is present in several locations and has ensured that each is equally impressive. The décor is modern and, at times, homely to accommodate anxious teens and adults.

The facility also has many engaging activities to keep people interested and active. Overall, it has some of the best possible services for drug and alcohol abuse patients.

ARTS – Addiction Research and Treatment Center

ARTS is a part of the University of Colorado’s Department of Psychiatry and has been operating for over 40 years. We included it in this list because it has a distinct model. As a treatment and research facility, ARTS pays special attention to treatment and response data.

The medical staff are open to new challenges and are in the position to detect if a patient exhibits unique dependence behavior. Therefore, their care and rehab services are reliable, and patients attest to their competence and service quality.

You’ll note that I haven’t mentioned Colorado alcohol rehabs separately. The reason is that most of the top facilities cater to both drug and alcohol addictions, so it is rare to find one that only manages alcohol-related issues.

Addiction Rehabs in Colorado Springs

The good thing about finding rehabs in Colorado Springs is that the city has Sandstone Care’s two facilities. Hence, if nothing else, you at least know you can rely on them to provide the care you need. However, another rehab is famous for its services in the city.

Peaks Recovery Centers

Peaks Recovery Centers is a luxury rehab with state-of-the-art facilities and optimal resources. It has created one of the best environments for addiction recovery and supports patients with quality medical and non-medical support.

The treatment facility also provides dedicated coaching services to motivate people to turn their lives around and help them integrate into society.

We hope you found this article informative and urge you to seek necessary addiction treatment for your mental and physical health

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