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Find addiction treatment for professionals near you
Addiction Treatment for Professionals: Break Free from Substance Misuse While Keeping Your Career
Addiction among professionals is probably way more common than you might think. High-pressure jobs and...
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Motivational Interviewing for Substance Misuse
Struggling to Connect? Try Motivational Interviewing for Substance Misuse to Help Your Loved One with Addiction
Communicating with a loved one struggling with addiction can be incredibly challenging. Often, the harder...
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Movies About Trauma
Movies about trauma can leave a lasting impact on the viewers, particularly if the events depicted are...
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drug rehab in jacksonville florida
Drug Rehab in Jacksonville: Addiction Treatment Options Along the First Coast
You wouldn’t know this unless you lived there, but Jacksonville, Florida, is the largest city by...
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Can You Force Someone to Go to Rehab in Florida?
Can You Force Someone to Go to Rehab in Florida?
In this article What is the Marchman Act? Understanding the Marchman Act: Rights, Roles, Alternatives,...
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How Your Environment Impacts Addiction Recovery
How Your Environment Impacts Addiction Recovery 
Rachel and I have been talking, and we are actually thinking about going on the trip, just us two; you’ve...
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Men's Inpatient Rehab Near Me
Men's Inpatient Rehab Near Me: A Guide to Finding the Right Treatment Center
Seeking help for addiction can be a difficult and confusing journey. With so many options available,...
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dual diagnosis treatment center
Choosing a Suitable Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center: Key Factors for Comprehensive Rehab
When you’re facing the challenge of a substance use disorder coupled with a mental health condition,...
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addiction recovery process
The Key Role Exercise Plays in Addiction Recovery 
Exercise plays a pivotal role in the addiction recovery process. The physical benefits of exercise are...
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what is blackout wednesday aka drinksgiving and when did it become a "thing?"
Blackout Wednesday AKA Drinksgiving: The Hidden Danger Before Thanksgiving
Why does Thanksgiving drinking get a bad rap when it’s the preceding day that’s to blame....
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Intransigence and Addiction
Intransigence and Addiction: The Unseen Barrier to Seeking Treatment
In this article What is Intransigence? How Intransigence Impacts or Prevents The Recovery Journey Breaking...
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is rehab confidential
Is Rehab Confidential? Attending Drug or Alcohol Treatment Discreetly
Deciding to seek help for drug or alcohol addiction is a commendable step. For many, however, the idea...
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