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Top 5 Rehabs in Dallas, TX

Drug deaths have been on the rise in Texas and rose sharply in 2020. While the 2020 spike is a result of the pandemic, there is no denying the increase in drug use in the state. Dallas, thankfully, does not exceed the national average for substance abuse, but a 2019 report indicated a rise in overdose deaths in the county over two years. Hence, Dallas mental health facilities and rehab programs are starting to become busier.

The most challenging part is that substance abuse isn’t the only problem. 34.2% of adults in Texas reported having symptoms of anxiety or depression, nearly 3% higher than the national average. Dallas is also facing an increasing homelessness problem, raising concerns among mental health experts.

Several believe that homelessness will worsen the growing mental health concerns in the city without the means to tackle them. The good news is that the city is trying its best to cater to this rising need.

Dallas alcohol treatment centers also often include treatment for other addictions and mental health conditions. The diversity allows them to expand their scope of treatment and address underlying issues that often trigger or cause addictions.

Cost of Mental Health and Addiction Rehabs in Dallas

Cost is a primary concern for anyone seeking help for addictions or mental health conditions. Luckily Dallas mental health facilities have a diverse affordability range to cater to people as much as possible. At least five recovery and treatment centers offer free services for people who cannot afford to pay.

Several others accept state insurance, easing your financial burden while helping you recover. Hence, the price range for rehab services can cost anywhere between $0 and $130,000 on average. The later part of the pricing scale belongs to luxury recovery centers with some of the best facilities to accommodate their patients.

Your priority should be selecting the rehab that best suits your needs and affordability.

Top 5 Rehabs in Dallas, Texas

Following are the top 5 Dallas Alcohol Treatment Centers for your recovery.

1.    Burning Tree Programs

Burning Tree Programs has been operational since 1999 and provides treatment services for substance abuse and mental health disorders. We recommend it to most people looking for a solution for several reasons.

  1. The rehab facility has dedicated services for adults and young adults. This factor is vital because several facilities only cater to adults since teenagers require specialized care.
  2. It is the leading treatment center for long-term inpatient rehab. Several people with addiction or debilitating mental health conditions need extended care to become healthy. The treatment and recovery time is crucial, and they should stay within the facility until they fully recover.
  3. Burning Tree has various treatments to provide the relevant solutions for their patients. Their Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Dual Diagnosis, Relapse Prevention, etc., are targeted programs to cater to people’s specific needs.

List of Programs

  • Alcoholism and Long-Term Treatment
  • Continuum of Care
  • DBT
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • 12-Step Mindfulness Program
  • In-House Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center
  • Family Program
  • Inpatient
  • Neurofeedback Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention

Contact Details

5445 La Sierra Dr #204, Dallas, TX 75230

2.    Arise Recovery Centers

Arise Recovery Centers is one of the best in Dallas and provides free-of-cost care to people who cannot afford to pay. It offers outpatient services, a telemedicine program, and phone consultations to people with alcohol or drug addictions.

Unlike the Burning Tree, Arise does not offer services for mental health conditions; however, their drug rehab and alcohol rehab has certified experts assisting your recovery. Hence, you will get the support you need to recover.

It also has Joint Commission accreditation, further proving its capability.


  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Telemedicine Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Employer Services
  • Drug Testing
  • Medical Forms


5440 Harvest Hill Rd., Suite 230, Dallas, TX 75230

3.    The Magdalen House

The Magdalen House is a free-of-cost treatment center for women with alcohol dependency and addiction. It was founded in Dallas in 1987 and has since helped countless women and their families through the recovery process.

The recovery center has a comprehensive program and incredible residential facilities for women who decide to quit drinking. Its founders intended it to be a haven for alcoholic women who needed this care and community support to turn their lives around.

This nonprofit organization also has a unique pattern. Aside from expert support, it relies heavily on family and community relationships to help women through the recovery process. Overall, it is safe to say that the Magdalen House is one of the city’s best Dallas Alcohol Detox Centers.


  • First Step
  • Next Step
  • Meetings and Fellowship
  • Virtual Services
  • Resources and Education


4513 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75246

4.    The Turtle Creek Recovery Center

The Turtle Creek Recovery Center is another excellent option for people seeking treatment for mental health or addiction. The facility is top-rated for its well-organized setup and fairness and is CARF accredited. They have a first-come-first-serve policy and screen people for admission from 7 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday.

They are committed to making quality mental health and addiction treatment accessible to as many people as possible and have changed countless lives.


  • Routh Street Intensive Residential Treatment Program
  • COPS-D (Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Use Disorder)
  • Outpatient Program
  • Vocational Assistance & Housing Referrals
  • Service Coordination


2707 Routh St., Dallas, TX 75201

5.    Behavior Health Group

The Behavioral Health Group was established in 2002 and has made a name for itself. Unlike the other rehabs on the list, this facility is dedicated to treating a specific type of substance abuse. The BHG group identified Opioid abuse disorder as the primary drug abuse it wanted to focus on and has been committed to providing the best treatment for it.

This strategic decision has allowed them to become one of the best treatment centers for treating opioid abuse and earned them accreditation from the Joint Commission.


  • Medication-Assisted Recovery (Mar)
  • Outpatient Recovery and Treatment Program
  • Behavioral Health Counseling
  • Individual And Group Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Case Management
  • Education And Coping Skills
  • Family Counseling
  • General Counseling
  • Counseling For Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions


5001 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 600E, Dallas, TX 75244

Choosing Suitable Dallas Mental Health Facilities or Rehab

Choosing the right rehab facility can be a challenging process, but the following factors can help you decide:

  1. Affordability
  2. Range of Services
  3. Compatibility of Services Offered

You need to consider your comfort levels and choose a place that suits you. Forcing yourself into the wrong rehab will be ineffective, so reach out to the facilities to gauge if they suit your needs. We hope this list is useful and helps you find the ideal Dallas, TX, mental health services and support groups.

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