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Meth Detox: What Does It Involve?

Methamphetamine, or Meth, is a highly addictive chemical substance that can lead to dependency or addiction. Street names of this illegal stimulant include ice, blue, and crystal meth or simply crystal. Meth has no legal or medical use, but it produces an immediate euphoric reaction, which is the reason for its rampant use. It works directly on the nervous system, creating a series of harmful short-term and long-term effects.    

Short-Term Effects of Meth: 

  • Loss of appetite  
  • Irregular or increased heartbeat 
  • Increased physical activity 
  • Exhaustion 
  • Elevated body temperature 

Long-Term Effects of Meth: 

  • Meth mouth (loss of teeth) 
  • Major weight loss 
  • Itchiness and sores  

Meth Withdrawal 

 In 2020, there were approximately 23,837 deaths from meth overdose. Unlike less potent drugs, Meth can induce moderate to serious withdrawal symptoms. Meth addicts find it very hard to quit this drug and remain in an endless loop of Meth abuse and addiction. You must get help at a professional Meth Detox center when dealing with this dangerous drug.   

Meth withdrawal usually begins 24 hours after discontinuing use and can peak in a couple of days and subside within a few weeks. The users experience a ‘crash’ during the first few days, which can be very hard to manage. The Meth withdrawal timeline may look something like this: 

 Days Symptoms 
Severe withdrawal 1 -10  Anxiety, agitation, distress, fatigue (severe) 
Prolonged withdrawal 14-21 Anxiety, agitation, distress, fatigue (less severe) 

Meth Detox 

Meth withdrawal leads to overpowering fatigue that many addicts revert to use. To prevent this, Meth Detox is essential, especially during the peak of withdrawal symptoms, you should consider medically managed ‘Meth Detox close to me.’ 

Meth withdrawal symptoms are not very serious, even if they are overpowering, which is why many people resort to Meth Detox at home. However, this would hardly be a successful mission as removing the addict from the situation or environment where they began meth use is imperative. If you feel anxious about being away from home, you should consider ‘Meth Detox centers near me’ where your loved ones can frequently visit you. 

What to Expect During Meth Detox? 

Meth use often begins as a result of daily stressors at home. When you relocate to a controlled Meth Detox center, you can receive the medical and emotional assistance you need during this difficult time. Since Meth withdrawal produces a lot of exhaustion, you will receive plenty of rest at the professional facility. 

During Meth Detox, you can expect to receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help relieve anxiety and muscle tension, especially during the first few days. Stimulants like meth can often lead to dehydration, so your physician may advise electrolyte repletion. 

You may also receive individual or group behavioral therapy to change unhealthy thoughts and patterns into more productive coping mechanisms. During this time, your body will release toxins and adapt to functioning normally without the use of Methamphetamine. 

How Long Does Meth Detox Last? 

How long Meth Detox will last will vary depending on your addiction’s severity.  In general, you can expect to recover fully within the first few weeks to a few months, given adequate treatment and guidance.

The initial phase of Meth Detox will typically last up to 3 days, where you will receive medical assistance to recover from the acute withdrawal symptoms. If you have been a heavy meth user, detox can last up to a whole week. Prolonged withdrawal symptoms can last a few weeks, during which you will continue treatment along with therapy to eliminate the chances of relapse. 

Long-term heavy Meth users might need prolonged treatment in tandem with other methods to let go of Meth use and addiction. No matter how long it takes, the detoxification process is essential to get your life back on track. 

If you plan to get help by searching for ‘Meth Detox center near me,’ the results on Google will typically yield a wide range of options. To simplify that process for you, we have compiled a list of certified treatment centers for you.

Complete Detox and Recovery 

 No matter how bad your meth addiction might seem, there is always a way out. Do not lose hope! You will find many ‘Meth Detox centers near me’ where you can complete Meth Detoxification and recovery. With the right help, you’ll end this cycle and reclaim your life. 

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