Top 5 Rehabs in Jacksonville, FL

alcohol rehab in Jacksonville Florida

A Guide to the Most Trusted Rehab Centers in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is home to multiple drug and alcohol centers offering various treatments and services for rehabilitation and recovery. For people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction or experiencing mental health problems, the Jacksonville, FL rehab centers offer outpatient services, counseling, and inpatient treatments.

Jacksonville, FL has a vast selection of rehabs available to individuals looking to get help. The rehabs there offer high-quality care that make sure that every individual gets the support they need. They feature compassionate and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing customized rehab plans to ensure success in recovery. Jacksonville rehabs provide a safe and welcoming place for people turning their lives around and making positive changes in their lives. No matter the level of addiction or support needed, rehabs in Jacksonville, Fl provide assistance and hope for those looking to make positive changes.

If you are looking for reliable, top-tier rehabilitation services in Jacksonville, FL, then this guide is here to help. Here we have compiled a list of the best rehab centers in the area, to assist you on your journey to improved physical and mental health.

1.   Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery is one of the most popular alcohol rehabs in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a 90-bed recovery center situated on a beautiful beach in Florida, offering a high level of care and providing the patients with outstanding rehab resources to ensure lifelong rehabilitation.

The patients at this center work with their therapist to come up with the proper clinical treatment that could meet their needs and situations. The treatment is personalized based on individual needs and may include recreational activities, trauma treatment, dual diagnosis treatment or more.

Services and Treatment

  • Aftercare programs like transitional and sober living
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Extended care – beyond 90 days
  • Family therapy
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program

Contact Details

390 16th Ave. S.

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

(866) 274-9281


2.   Awakening Recovery Center

This alcohol and drug rehab offers a range of treatments and services to ensure the patients’ behavioral health in Jacksonville, FL. It is an outpatient rehab and treatment center offering intensive outpatient and individualized outpatient programs.

The Awakening Recovery Center offers a structured treatment plan for drug addiction and alcoholism, all the while allowing the patient to comfortably live at home. The center also manages and cares for the individuals experiencing co-occurring disorders, which are generally prevalent among those with an addiction.

The treatment center comprises board-certified and highly experienced addiction medicine counselors, therapists, and physicians with the right expertise to run the additional recovery treatment programs.

Services and Treatment

  • Aftercare Program
  • Alcohol Dependency
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Drug Addiction Programs
  • Exercise Therapy and Counseling
  • Holistic Therapies and Nutrition Restoration
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Contact Details

6100 Greenland Rd.

Suite 202,

Jacksonville, FL 32258

(904) 733-7383

3.   Gateway

This facility is one of the leading behavioral health center that offers detoxification, outpatient, and residential services for adolescents, adults, and women with children. It provides a safe space for both women and men of all ages who are looking for admittance through the recovery housing of the facility.

The detoxification services are customized based on the individual needs that are offered in outpatient and residential care programs.

Services and Treatment

  • 12-Step Recovery Model
  • Adolescent Treatment
  • Awareness & Prevention
  • Community Services Access
  • Continuing Care Group Therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Dual-Diagnosis Services
  • Family Counseling
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Medically Supervised Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Outpatient Services
  • Recovery Housing
  • Residential Treatments
  • Trauma Counseling

Contact Details

555 Stockton St,

Jacksonville, FL 32204

(904) 387-4661

4.   Stepping Stone Center for Recovery

This recovery center is one of the top drug rehabs in Jacksonville, Florida, offering high-quality alcohol and substance abuse treatment for adults since 2006. The Stepping Stone Center for Recovery is nationally accredited and state-licensed.

The center comprises a multidisciplinary team of licensed nurses, doctors, and therapists who have expertise in addiction treatment. The center has already helped over 5,000 patients with full recovery in the past 14 years. The team is available on the premises to help the patients explore different activities and patterns to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Services and Treatment

  • Aftercare Programs
  • Alumni Program
  • Detox and Stabilization
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment (anxiety, bipolar, depression, social phobia, and personality disorder)
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Medical Detox Center (treatment programs for alcohol, cocaine, opioids, crystal, etc.)
  • Relapse Recovery
  • Residential Treatment

Contact Details

1815 Corporate Square Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32216

(866) 957-4960

5.   Cipriano and Johnson Counseling

This center is substance abuse, mental health and drug rehab in Jacksonville, FL. It offers a wide range of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse treatment services. Cipriano and Johnson Counseling implements the Recovery Dynamics treatment model that is created by following similar recovery programs in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Joe McQuay developed the Recovery Dynamics model after spending over 40 years helping patients recover from addiction and enjoy a sober life through the 12 steps. This program is used in the center to help patients with multiple addictions and mental health problems.

The team also assist the patients in learning how to implement the strategies they have learned during the treatments in their day-to-day life.

Services and Treatment

  • Alcohol & Drug Assessments
  • Co-ed groups
  • Court Assessments
  • Driver Safety Assessment (DUI)
  • Female groups
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Male groups
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Mental Health Counseling (Mood and anxiety disorders, Pain management, Family, couples and marriage issues, Co-dependency, Relationship issues, LBGT issues, Women’s issues)
  • Out of State Driver Assessment (DUI)

Contact Details

9471 Baymeadows Rd.

Suite 301

Jacksonville, FL 32256

(904) 503-2634

Other Great Rehabs in Jacksonville, FL

Comfort Recovery – Addiction Treatment Services

Comfort Recovery is a professional rehabilitation facility providing a variety of addiction treatment services. The center offers a structured, step-by-step approach to recovery with an emphasis on group and individual therapy sessions that focus on helping individuals find the tools they need to achieve lasting sobriety. Comfort Recovery also provides educational classes, stress management training and relapse prevention programs to keep its patients on track.

Lakeside Alternatives – Unique Approach to Addiction Treatment

Located in the heart of Jacksonville, FL, Lakeside Alternatives provides a unique approach to addiction treatment by focusing on a holistic and integrative range of therapeutic activities. This includes extended day residential therapy, intensive individualized treatment plans and comprehensive relapse prevention education. In addition, Lakeside Alternatives features numerous amenities including family engagement programs, art and animal-assisted therapies, as well as yoga classes with certified instructors. Patients are also provided with faith-based counseling options to address spiritual needs during their stay at this rehab center.

Crossroads Treatment Center – Expert Care and Compassion

A leader in the field of drug and alcohol treatment, Crossroads Treatment Center provides an innovative and comprehensive program geared toward individuals experiencing all stages of addiction. With 24/7 medical staff onsite and modern facilities, they offer a safe and comfortable environment designed to foster personal growth. In addition, Crossroads features on-site meals from local restaurants, individualized therapy sessions as well as services targeting mental health issues. Patients also have access to group activities such as nature walks and field trips for outdoor recreation.

Victory Outreach Jacksonville – Faith-Based Support for Sobriety

Victory Outreach Jacksonville is a faith-based recovery program dedicated to transforming the lives of those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Founded in 1969, Victory has been providing residential treatment services to individuals, men and women seeking lasting sobriety in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Their program focuses on helping clients regain mental clarity and establish a sense of purpose through spiritual development, strong community relations and life skills training. During the 24-hour residential treatment model, participants are supported through individual counseling sessions, peer support groups, and educational seminars.

The Addiction Research & Treatment Corporation–Evidence-Based Practices

The Addiction Research & Treatment Corporation (ARTC), located in Jacksonville, FL, offers professional recovery services tailored to each patient’s specific needs. A therapist led by evidence-based methods helps clients create a personalized plan for treatment while addressing underlying causes of their addiction. ARTC also provides medically managed detoxification as well as substance use and mental health disorder evaluations. In addition, ARTC emphasizes family-oriented care with specialized programming that helps build strong support systems and foster better relationships among clients and their loved ones. Not only is the team highly qualified and experienced with all aspects of addiction recovery, they have also committed to two decades of advocating for those who are struggling to overcome addiction related issues.

Get the Help You Need

While overcoming addiction can be challenging, making the decision to get better is already a major step forward. Moreover, finding the right rehab center plays a significant role in helping the patient go through the entire process of lasting recovery. There are many rehabs in Florida, outside of Jacksonville as well.

It is essential to understand that you or your loved one struggling through the addiction doesn’t have to go through it alone. The range of Jacksonville, Florida rehab and treatment centers ensures the patient feels a sense of community throughout the process and even after the recovery process.

With a variety of centers available, you can find the one that suits your needs, affordability, and requirements. Be sure to conduct your research regarding the treatment services and facilities available to get the assistance you need.